Society, proposer Consultants

A Society is generally formed when a group of individuals come together with a common objective of serving the society. In order to become a registered legal entity, a Society must register under The Societies Registration Act, 1860. Society Registration, under, The Society Registration Act, in India, lays down certain procedures for the sake of society registration & operation. This act was implemented with the purpose of augmenting the legal stipulations of society registration for the advancement of literature, fine arts, science or distribution of awareness for bountiful purposes. The society registration act, 1860 has been accepted by several state governments without or with further amendments. A society exists for the purpose of charitable activities such as poverty relief, arts, education, religion, cultures and sports. The Governing body members are entrusted with the management of the affairs of the society. Even Non-Indian citizens can be a part of the Societies in India.

Process of Registration.

Step- 01 Submission of Basic Info & Documents.
Step- 02 Drafting Memorandum of Association.
Step- 3 Drafting By laws.
Step- 4 Registration.



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